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Walk-In X-Ray Clinic in Calgary

Skip the wait times and get your X-Ray as soon as you need it.

We accept all X-Rays requisitions at our Calgary South Clinic - with appointments or as walk-ins. 

Learn More About Your Exam

Depending on the nature of your X-Ray, you may be required to follow exam preparation instructions. Click on your exam below to find out how to prepare.

Abdomen X-Ray

We provide a wide range of x-ray scans to detect fractures, organ enlargement or displacement, foreign objects, gas patterns indicative of bowel conditions, calcifications, and soft tissue abnormalities in the abdominal region.

Abdomen (3 Views) X-Ray

Chest PA / Lateral X-Ray

Kidney, Ureter & Bladder (KUB) X-Ray

Sternum X-Ray

SC (Sternoclavicular) Joints X-Ray

Skull X-Ray

Skull X-rays are imaging tests used to detect fractures, bone abnormalities, sinus infections, dental issues, tumors, and foreign objects within the skull and surrounding areas.

Skull X-Ray

Sinuses X-Ray

Soft Tissue (Neck & Adenoids) X-Ray

Nasal Bone X-Ray

Facial Bones X-Ray

Mandible X-Ray

Temporomandibular (TM) Joint X-Ray

Orbits X-Ray

Mastoids X-Ray

Spine & Pelvis X-Ray

A Spine & Pelvis X-Ray is a diagnostic imaging procedure used to examine the bones and alignment of the spine and pelvis. It helps evaluate symptoms such as back pain, stiffness, or limited mobility. 

Cervical Spine X-Ray

Thoracic Spine X-Ray

Lumbo-Sacral Spine X-Ray

Sacrum/Coccyx X-Ray

SI Joints X-Ray

AP (Anteroposterior) Pelvis X-Ray

Pelvis & Hip X-Ray

Scoliosis Series X-Ray

Upper Extremities X-Ray

An Upper Extremities X-Ray evaluates the bones and joints of the upper limbs, to assess symptoms such as pain, swelling, deformity, or limited range of motion in the shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists, or hands.

Shoulder X-Ray

Clavicle X-Ray

AC Joints X-Ray

Scapula X-Ray

Elbow X-Ray

Forearm X-Ray

Wrist X-Ray

Scaphoid X-Ray

Hand X-Ray

Digits X-Ray

Lower Extremities X-Ray

A lower extremities X-ray evaluates fractures, dislocations, arthritis, and bone abnormalities in the bones, joints, and soft tissues of the lower parts of the body, including the hips, pelvis, thighs, knees, lower legs, ankles, and feet.

Hip X-Ray

Femur X-Ray

Knee X-Ray

Tibia & Fibula X-Ray

Ankle X-Ray

Foot X-Ray

Calcaneus X-Ray

Toes X-Ray

Accepting all X-Ray requisitions

Bring any X-Ray requisition to Wosler Diagnostics to see our X-Ray technicians for a timely service without lengthy wait times.

X-Rays are offered on a walk-in basis. You may also schedule an appointment by calling our Calgary clinic. 

We accept requisitions from all diagnostic imaging providers.

Concerned about billing? You’re covered.

Access X-Ray services as soon as you need them without paying out of pocket.

Wosler Diagnostics X-Ray services are covered by all Canadian public health care plans.


If you're not registered for public healthcare, please contact our clinic before your visit to learn more about X-Ray costs.

Visit our Calgary South X-Ray clinic for a timely service

Bring your x-ray requisition for a timely walk-in X-ray, or skip the line and schedule an appointment today.

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