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876 Mistassiniy Road

Wabasca-Desmaris, AB T0G 2K0

Wosler Diagnostics ultrasound clinic is now accepting all requisitions. Find us inside the Golden Opportunity MD Clinic.

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Equity and quality care for Wabasca and nearby communities

Patients in Wabasca and nearby communities have struggled to access vital health services, including ultrasounds, for too long. With the nearest ultrasound clinics located 125, 175, and 249 kilometers away, patients were traveling over an hour to have an ultrasound. For many, this was not feasible due to barriers such as lack of transport, inability to miss work, or being unable to find childcare. As a result, many people miss or delay essential appointments resulting in delayed diagnosis and treatment of health concerns.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, prenatal women in the Wabasca area were faced with extreme wait times and struggles with travelling outside of the community for ultrasounds. 

At Wosler Diagnostics, we’re committed to providing quality ultrasound services to all.

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“The consistent and reliable availability of ultrasound as a diagnostic tool would improve the local healthcare infrastructure by leaps in bounds.”

Sharon Reece, MD CCFP

“Access to health services is a determinant to health and as for the Bigstone band members, racism continues to be an issue...

if we had a service that provided more local access, we would fill a need that the local population has struggled with.”

Lorraine Muskwa, CEO, Bigstone Health Commission

Clinic Hours

Monday - Friday: 9 AM - 5 PM
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

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Covered by your provincial healthcare plan

If you’re a Canadian resident, ultrasound services provided by Wosler Diagnostics are covered by Alberta Health Care and other provincial healthcare plans. 


If you don’t have coverage, please contact us for more information.

Wosler News

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Wosler wins semifinalist in the Canadian Space Agency’s Deep Space Healthcare Challenge

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Wosler nominated for Alberta Business Award for outstanding business practices and innovation

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Calgary Wosler Diagnostics opens its doors with no wait ultrasound, X-rays, pain management

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Breaking down barriers
in every way possible

Wosler is championing emerging healthcare technologies. A remote solution for ultrasounds is in the works where a sonographer and patient can be in different locations, making ultrasounds much more accessible to people who don’t reside within urban centers. 

Learn more about Wosler’s mission and what we’re doing to make sure everybody has access to the diagnostic care they need.

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